Andrew Startin
Andrew Startin

Focal-Point Technology is an independent supplier of monitoring technology. We supply products from a number of Principal manufacturers of environmental monitoring equipment, for which we can offer sales and service support around the UK.  


  • Focal-NET Network Solutions
  • Particulate Sensors- Triboelectric & Opacity
  • Gas Analysers- Compact CEMS, NDIR, FTIR & Portable
  • System Integration
  • Human Body Temperature Screening


  • Sales- New Installations & Upgrades
  • Commissioning
  • Service & Maintenance Contracts
  • Consultancy
  • Trouble-shooting Existing CEM Systems 
  • Reporting


Metallurgical - Fabrication - Woodworking - Coating - Minerals & Ceramics - Medical - Brewing - Food & Drinks

Industrial Measurement

Supply and support of specialist industrial instrumentation products, services and custom solutions with particular focus on environmental controls, emissions and process measurements.



Key Component Analysis

Application of laboratory instrumentation tools like Mass Spectrometery and FTIR in environmental, medical, quality control, and industrial process applications.


Service & Maintenance

We are not just suppliers of products - our experience allows us to advise on aspects of maintenance, reporting and compliance and help remove problems associated with managing monitoring while trying to run a profitable process.


Focal-NET N15 system applied to metals casting process

Multiple small scale emission points from different processes distributed around plant

  • Centrally manage data
  • Quickly identify emissions excursions
  • Expandable network via RS485
  • Up to 3 & 15 signal systems
  • Conveniently located datahub
  • Read, log & store data
  • Display averages & trends
  • Prepare local authority ready reports with supplied software
  • View data remotely via network & internet
  • Set up text message alerts for real time management
  • Discuss an upgrade path for existing systems



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